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We aim to reduce vulnerability to extreme weather events and foster disaster-resilient European societies by promoting interoperability of data, models, communication and governance on all levels and between all actors of the disaster risk management and climate adaptation process.


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Directed promotes multi-risk thinking in interdisciplinary research to overcome silos and enable interoperability.

Four Real World Labs in Europe are at the center of our co-development approach.

Directed, a project set to improve climate disaster risk management across multiple civil authorities and first responders in Europe.


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Press Release - Civil Protection Exercise on Flood and Storm Surge Risks within the DIRECTED Project - June 13 and 14 in Rimini

Flood and storm surge simulations are planned at the Rimini Port Canal and along the Marecchia River embankment. The Regional Agency for Safety and Civil...
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Directed at Tag der Hydrologie 2024 in Berlin

On March 19-21, 2024, The Day of Hydrology 2024 – Tag der Hydrologie 2024 took place in Berlin at the Freie Universität Berlin hosted by...
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The 6th European Climate Change Adaptation Conference took place from June 19 to 21 in Dublin, Ireland around the theme of ‘Actionable Knowledge for a...



Directed will boost the integration, accessibility and interoperability of data, models and tools supporting Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Management: from early warning systems through communication and climate change risk assessment tools.

directed-project-Directed Projects Project Solutions
DamageCost Model
The DTU model (https://github.com/Skadesokonomi) has a high geographical resolution of land use and estimates flood damage costs for several sectors, ...

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The SaferPlaces Global Platform is a revolutionary EO/Cloud-based and Digital Twin Platform able to support multiple users in assessing flood risk for...
CLIMADA - CLImate...
Using state-of-the-art probabilistic modelling, CLIMADA allows to estimate the expected socio-economic and ecological impact as a measure of risk to...

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Connectivity Hub
The Connectivity Hub aims to help the climate change adaptation (CCA) and disaster risk reduction (DRR) communities work together. SEI and partners a...
SVI - Social Vuln...
The Social Vulnerability Index (SVI) tool compiles census data for indicators such as housing quality, unemployment rate, and average education leve...
HOWIS - Flood inf...
The HOWIS Erft is a flood information and warning system that provides information on actual and forecasted precipitation and runoff within the Erft...


Technische Universität Braunschweig
Dept. of Hydrology and River Basin Management
Leichtweiß-Institute for Hydraulic Engineering

Beethovenstrasse 51a, 38106 Braunschweig, Germany